Welcome to the mousery and hamstery of Spooner's Sunshine.

Spooner's is breeding syrien hamsters and fancy mice for show and as lovely pets.

Some information about me:
I'm Nadine, born 1982 and living in the capital from Germany Berlin. Since 2003 I breed fancy mice and 2006-2010 I was breeding hamsters too. My stud is registered in our german rodent club (www.dmrm.de). Besides mice and hamsters we have two dogs (Giant Schnauzer and Miniature Schnauzer-Mix).

About my breeding
I want breed:
- healthy and vital animals with a high life expectancy
- nice characters with no aggression when handled and mice with peaceable social behavior
- curious and vigorous pets without so much fear
- mice with good type and colour in show-quality - shorthair and shorthair-satin (in mice shorthair-rosette too), because I am sure, that the well being of such a small animal suffers from long or curly coat

Breeding for standard quality considers the following criteria:
• vitality & health
• type, size & shape
• colour & markings
• character & temperament
• coat & hair in general

My Breeding colours:
photos of hamster-offsprings
photos of mice
more mice-photos (Photobucket)

If you are interessted in animals of my breeding and want know more about mice and hamsters for sale or if you have questions please write an e-mail.
For mice:

For hamsters: